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GSR in the Classroom shines light on the mission and ministry of Catholic women religious around the world. Each lesson connects articles about sisters or columns written by sisters to the good news found in scripture and church teaching. Action ideas and compelling prayer bring new learning alive. Teacher guides provide vital context and engaging activities to launch group discussions.

There's great value in these resources, yet they're free! Explore each subject area and discover content that responds to your needs, whether you're trying to inspire a big group or guiding just one learner to understand an issue better. Our target audience is high school and middle school students, but the resources can be used for retreats and other youth ministry settings.

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6 lessons in this topic

The Gospels of Lent guide us on a path of prayer, sacrifice and action as we journey together with Jesus toward his passion and glory.


6 lessons in this topic

Climate concerns are as broad as the Earth and as vast as its future. Explore sisters' efforts, both great and small, to make a difference.

Coronavirus Response

6 lessons in this topic

As the pandemic threatens people and disrupts life around the world, sisters serve those in need and offer ways to grow in these trying times.

Race Relations

6 lessons in this topic

Racism hurts people in many ways, ranging from violence to barriers that deny rights and needs. Discover how sisters break down walls and build bridges.

Human trafficking

Human Trafficking

6 lessons in this topic

Slavery is a thing of the present. Sisters around the world work to open doors to freedom, safety, healing and opportunity for human trafficking victims.


6 lessons in this topic

People everywhere are on the move, hoping to start new lives after experiencing war, violence, crushing poverty and natural disasters. Learn how sisters support them.


6 lessons in this topic

Experiencing God's love, realizing our gifts and discovering the call to serve others are among the key steps in a woman’s journey into religious life.


6 lessons in this topic

As we prepare for the coming of Christ among us, the witness of sisters around the world inspires us to open our hearts and minds.

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