Tessy Jacob is a member of the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit. She is Indian in nationality, with an interest in evangelization through mass media. She is the joint secretary of the Indian Catholic Press Association and serves as the communication coordinator of her home province. Currently she is pursuing her doctoral research studies in media and communication from Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.

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Are we seeing an erosion of values in the internet era?

Technology is good. But letting technology form our behaviors is not always so good. In balancing between virtual reality and actual reality, we all need to take time to fact-check our lives.

Pick up the phone. It may be a call from the helpless babe of Bethlehem.

The pandemic continues to show us that technology can be a lifeline, connecting humans to each other and critical services and care. The connectedness comes with a responsibility: to know the other and be part of their world — virtual and real.

Sisters serve amid COVID-19, other hardships

Religious sisters continue to serve in hospitals, amid the threat of the pandemic. Many of them endure persecution as well. Yet these sisters, called for the service of God and humanity, persevere.

Baptized and sent: What makes a missionary?

A sister may be in charge of the kitchen, or a farm, or secretarial work, or in charge of a house, or even just praying for others: Even then, essentially all are missionaries.