Mary Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan (Nguyen) is a Dominican Sister of the St. Rosa Lima congregation of the Sai Gon Archdiocese in Vietnam. After studying at universities in Vietnam and in Manila, Philippines, she worked in formation programs in Vietnam. Now, she is an English teacher for the Catholic college of the Xuan Loc Diocese in Vietnam, and a regular contributor to Global Sisters Report.

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Clean water improves health in Vietnam's Mekong River Delta

Since 2016, a water purification system from the Conrad H. Hilton Fund for Sisters has supplied filtered water for about 300 Catholic and non-Catholic citizens in one parish in the Can Tho Diocese in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, sisters help older adults and children living in poverty

Horizons – In the Diocese of Can Tho, Sisters of the Lovers of the Cross help those in poverty, such as older adults and children who cannot afford school. They provide gifts and have opened a free children's class.

In May, Vietnamese parishes offer flowers to Our Lady

Offering flowers to Our Lady is a beautiful and meaningful gesture to honor the Mother of God, the mother of the church and the mother of each of us.

Vietnamese, who know the pain of war, pray for peace in Ukraine and the world

War is always a horrible brutality, leaving painful consequences that are hard to describe. Vietnamese people sympathize and pray for the tragic situation that the country and the people of Ukraine are suffering.