Maria Magdalena Bennásar (Magda) of the Sisters for Christian Community is from Spain. Studies in theology gave her a foundation for the charism of prayer and ministry of the word with an emphasis on spirituality and Scripture: teaching, conducting retreats and workshops, creating community and training lay leaders in Australia, the U.S. and Spain. Currently, she is engaged in eco-feminism, Scripture, and spirituality.

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We thank you, Miriam of Magdala, as our community flourishes

It's been more than one year since 19 people — laywomen, former religious, religious women and a couple of men — began an adventure. Since then, the Community of Magdala has been growing in depth and in number.

Let's synchronize our hearts for inner and world peace

Mindfulness and conscious living can help us find calm. If all hearts beat together, we could find peace everywhere.

A new movement: Sharing ministries in the Community of Magdala

Mary Magdalene offered us the gift of a community: a space of welcoming and support, of healing and inspiration, of rest and prayer, and a place to learn and experience discipleship, where women are the leaders.

The trace of the perfume: from the table to the garden

We do not know how the Resurrection happened; the speculative questions do not fit. Their goal is not the news itself, but to inform and to feed the faith of the community.