Judy Principe is an associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Philadelphia. She is a certified spiritual director and a Myers-Briggs Master practitioner. Her professional career was spent in training and development, organizational development and human resources. She holds a master's degree in management and supervision and a certificate in organizational development.

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Life lessons from my dog Chloe

I lost my beloved pet Chloe on Oct. 27, 2021, but she is alive and well in the lessons she taught me. With gratitude to her and to God for the blessing of Chloe, I would like to share those lessons with you.

How are the gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in me amid today's divisiveness?

As I prepared for Pentecost, I asked: How is the Holy Spirit enlightening, guiding and strengthening me to live a Christian life of love and unity when I feel so many forces pulling me away from doing just that?

My approach to Lent this year

Sacramental ashes are only an outward sign to remind me of its deeper purpose and meaning: my need for renewal, repentance, conversion and transformation through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

The conversion and transformation of Scrooge

As I contemplated poor Scrooge and his sad life as revealed by the spirits, I began to see how he suffers from himself, ignorant of want and need in others, while coveting his money and all he thinks will make him happy.