Sr. Judy Dohner (Courtesy of Judy Dohner)

Sr. Judy Dohner is a Sister of the Humility of Mary from Villa Maria, Pennsylvania. She has worked with migrants and immigrants for the past 30 years. She returned to the U.S. in 2018 after ministering in Haiti for 16 years and is currently working with Haitian immigrants and refugees in Immokalee, Florida.

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After Hurricane Ian, the invisible people remain

As news of the Hurricane Ian fades from public attention, we cannot forget the long-term suffering left all over Florida. And let us never forget the invisible people who are always among us.

In Immokalee's immigrant community, the Christmas story unfolds among us

In a modern Christmas story, refugee families from Chile and Brazil travel more than 7,000 miles, mostly on foot, for two or three months. They're seeking new lives in Florida, but often find there's no room at the inn.

The Haitian migrant crisis: What would Jesus say?

Months ago, a Catholic women’s group invited me to speak at their luncheon about my work with the Haitian people. My presentation was later canceled. The following is what I had planned to share, as spoken in words that Jesus might have used.

In Haiti the seeds of democracy need tending

As Haiti's elections are cancelled for the second time, and the current president makes preparations to leave office without a replacement on February 7, there are no clear answers for how the country is going to progress. In Port-au-Prince and throughout the country functioning on a day-to-day level is almost impossible, leaving the masses living in fear.