Sr. Hilda Mary Bernath is from Tamil Nadu, South India. With an academic preparation in education, Montessori, and child psychology, she taught school in both Tamil and English. She was also a gold medalist in sports. After becoming a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, she did graduate work in theology, spirituality and missiology. She then taught school and worked in formation with candidates and pre-novices. Currently, she is ministering in Peru, studying Spanish and doing missionary work.

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Admiring the work of God, the best artist of all

We thank God, the creator who is also our protector, by taking care of our Mother Earth, protecting and nurturing her. In my life in Peru, that has been an experience with rabbits, guinea pigs and gardening.

God's love is evergreen in all our lives

As in the life of our foundress, Blessed Mary of the Passion, each event of my life was sent by God's love for a special reason. God chooses each of us to be his instrument of love and service in a particular way.

Every day is the best day in missionary work

Each experience as an Indian missionary in Peru has taught me to surrender myself to God and to cherish inner peace. Following Jesus' footsteps, I love my mission of being with the people of God.

Serving the poor among the poor, and blooming in religious life

Mother Church encourages us to be with the poor and work for them; having experienced poverty, I am eager to lift up the downtrodden. As a missionary in Peru, I have challenged myself to grow like a plant in my religious life.